3 Key Studio

Piano Instructor: Hayley Shula

Artist and Producer: Heddy Fur

(415) 351-8482

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Private Piano Lessons with Hayley Shula

Hayley’s diverse background in studying classical, jazz, gospel and folk music, allow lessons to be dynamic and fun as she shapes the pedagogy around student’s interests and needs. Mixing classical methods of theory and reading with intuitive methods of ear training and audio perception, students with any level or learning style are encouraged to succeed in their practice. The goal at 3 Key is to make students comfortable and inspired in a mutual process of learning and progress!


STUDIO POLICY for 2013-2014


The year is divided into three semesters: Fall (September – December), Spring (January – May), and Summer (June – August).

No lessons will be taught on Fall Break, Winter Break, or Spring Break.

Regular lessons will be taught on all other school holidays.


Tuition encompasses recitals, musicianship classes, teacher travel, and lessons. Monthly payments are due on the 1st lesson of each month, and can be made with cash or check. Monthly tuition remains constant regardless of the number of lessons received in any given month.

30-minute lessons – $150/mo.

45-minute lessons – $200/mo.

60-minute lessons – $250/mo.

Overdue Tuition

If a monthly installment is not received by the first lesson of the month, a $10.00 overdue fee will be added. Please mail payments if you forget.


The first lesson is offered as a free trial lesson, come check out the studio and see if you like it! There is a discount given to families with more than one student (any additional student only pays $100 for their lesson).

Missed Lessons

Two make-up lessons will be available each semester, for each student. These make-ups will be scheduled for 24-hour notice of sickness or extreme weather conditions.

If a student cannot attend a lesson for reasons not mentioned above, the lesson is forfeited. If the teacher cannot attend a lesson for reasons other than those listed above, the teacher will forfeit the income.

Book Deposit

All students are required to make a $40.00 book deposit when starting lessons. A record will be kept of all book expenses and other miscellaneous fees. When the deposit is depleted, a copy of the expense record will be given and another $40.00 will be deposited. If the student should terminate lessons, any unused deposit will be refunded.


There are two recitals per year, one in December and one in May. Students should take advantage of performance opportunities including recitals, musicianship classes, and competitions in which the teacher, student, and parents feel she/he is prepared. I also enroll students in the National Federation of Music Clubs Piano Festival and Piano Guild, both during the spring semester.

Summer Semester

All students are expected to continue lessons through the summer. Summer tuition may be prorated for a two-week vacation (or two missed lessons). If a student will be out of town for more than two weeks, they must pay in accordance to hold their time slot. Choosing to take a break from lessons for the summer means the time slot is forfeited and there is not guarantee of a fall lesson time.

All students/parents will sign a contract. By signing this contract, you are making a commitment to put the time and effort into learning the piano, or helping your child to learn the piano. This is a decision that should be thought out with consideration of yourself, your child, and the teacher, before embarking on lessons. If you decide to terminate lessons at any time, one month’s notice must be given and this month must be paid in full whether or not the remaining lessons are attended.


 All students are required to have a well-maintained instrument to practice on. After one year of study, an acoustic piano is highly suggested for use.

 It is the parent’s responsibility to help children complete their assignments and practice at least five days a week (sitting down at the piano for at least an hour is a good habit to get into). Like anything, practice makes perfect, and a time should be set aside each night for piano, much like any other extracurricular activity.

 All students must have short fingernails when they come to lessons. Long fingernails interfere with performance and sound.

 When the student’s lesson or practicing is in progress at home, please attempt to keep the environment as quiet as possible.

 Please feel free to call/email me any time with your concerns.

 Thank You and I look forward to an exciting year of music!


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The Meaning of 3 Key

“The number three signifies creative power, magic, intuition, and abundance. The relationship of two can give birth to a third element, or creation. Creating things that are extensions of self and expressions of our existence, can make a harmonious shift in the vibration and direction of the earth. If we can create something beautiful, or help someone else create something powerful and magical, then the earth’s circulation and tendency to change can unfold in a natural rhythm. By using our spirit, body, and emotion we make songs that reflect, connect, and heal us. When the sound “OM” takes shape in the mouth, there are 3 parts to the sound: A, U, & M (AAAUUUMMM). As you move through the sound, it instills an energy of creation, preservation, and liberation. The Keys of a piano can be navigated like a great voyage at sea. Learning to maneuver around is journeying into an awe-inspiring world of patterns, perception, and feelings. Learning the infinity of creative possibilities is a key that unlocks our purpose and potential.”





Teaching Experience

3 Key Studio, Founded 2013


Emeryville, California

• Piano studio, production office, sound healing station, and community collective at Adeline House.

Hayley Shula’s Private Piano Lessons, September 2008 – Present

Independent Piano Instruction

Various homes in Arizona and California

• Providing weekly private instruction in piano technique, theory, performance, and artistry using Alfred, Faber, Thompson, and Suzuki methods.

• Organizing and hosting two recitals per year where students share songs they’ve learned that semester.

Berkeley Academy of Music, January 2010 – Present

Piano Instruction Studio

Berkeley, California

• Providing weekly private piano instruction.

• Helping to facilitate group play days and recitals for the studio.

• Participating in the National Federation of Music Clubs piano event, helping students prepare and perform two songs for judges.

• Participating in National Piano Guild, helping students prepare and perform up to ten songs for judges.

• Leading group classes on music history, technique, and form at the Berkeley Academy of Music Summer Camp.

Acme House of Music, October 2011 – October 2013

Music Lessons and Retail Store

Oakland, California

• Provided weekly private piano instruction.

• Collectively planned and performed at neighborhood festivals where the music store promotes musicianship and community.

Galina’s Music Studio, January 2010 – December 2011

Piano Instruction Studio

Livermore, California

• Provided weekly private piano instruction.

• Lead group piano classes using Music for Little Mozarts method.

• Prepared students for two recitals each year.

Musical Surprise, June 2009 – January 2010

Music Lessons and Music Therapy

Surprise, Arizona

• Provided weekly private piano instruction.

• Assisted in leading group performance classes for children.

• Taught pre-school piano classes involving rhythmic development, singing, and piano.

• Assisted in leading music therapy events.

Arizona Brothers Keeper Ministry, June 2009 – December 2009

Gospel Piano Accompaniment

Tempe, Arizona

• Accompanied the service with background gospel piano as well as accompaniment for the choir and congregation.


Music Theory and Aural Perception College Course, 2007 – 2009

Mesa Community College, Mesa, Arizona

• Completed a four-semester program in advanced music theory, composition, and aural perception.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Business, 2002 – 2006

University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California

• Bachelor Degree with a major in Sociology and a minor in Business.

Advanced Piano Study with Daniel Glover, 2003

University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California

• Private instruction in advanced piano from San Franciscan pianist Daniel Glover.

Private Piano Classes, Performance, and Camp 1992 – 2002

• Learned piano technique, theory, performance, and artistry.

• Performed in various piano recitals, competitions, and festivals.

• Participated in a Master Class with Russian pianists Tamara Poddoubnaia and Oleg Koshaiev in 1997.

• Participated in Maine Jazz Camp at University of Maine in Farmington from 1997-1999.

Special Awards and Certificates

National Guild 2011 – 2014

Oakland, California

Two students played a 10-song program in 2013.

One student entered the EE Level in 2014, playing inverted cadences in all keys!

NFMC Piano Festival 2011 – 2014

Berkeley, California

Three students completed their Gold Cup program, receiving Superior ratings for their third year in 2013.

Three students completed their Gold Cup program, receiving Superior ratings for their third year in 2014.

Certificate in Sound Healing, 2012

The Globe Institute, San Francisco, California

Completed a three-month certificate program in Sound Healing and Consciousness, including courses in physics, toning, inner music theory, sacred geometry, resonance, meditation, chanting, and vibration.

Learned to lead workshops in Sound Healing, using sound and vibration to help heal physical and emotional blockages in clients.


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Heddy Fur’s Biography

Heddy Fur is a music producer, writer, and singer residing in the Oakland area. She has worked on many collaborative projects, and is featured on a grip of Hip Hop albums and mix tapes. Some of her recent work has been dedicated to Sound Earth (a group with San Francisco producer and mc Big Shawn of Bored Stiff). She is also a piano teacher and uses her skills in piano playing to produce instrumentals for independent film scores or artist demos. The name Heddy, given by her Mother, means “female warrior.”  She lives up to the name as she strives to protect and preserve purposeful music, encouraging fans, peers, and students to find their inner artist rather than conform to the outer image.

Heddy’s sound is distinct and crosses genres from Hip Hop & Soul to Glitch & Electronica. Her soft, airy vocals are a nice contrast to her bass heavy beats. Her deep connection to sound as vibration and the essence of life lead her to get a Certificate in Sound Healing in 2011, and one of her next projects will be a R&B Chakra-Tuning album with one track for each of the seven chakras, entitled “Bangin’ Chakras.” The Single for the heart chakra, featuring Wu Tang’s Killah Priest, is available on Itunes or Amazon. Heddy Fur is also set to release her first official solo album, called “The Written Word,” where she elaborates on the power of the written word as an expressive tool, a historical paradigm, and a sacred symbology. Stay tuned!